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Course Objective

This course will focus on the fundamentals of web media. We will explore web development concepts such as usability, functionality, and accessibility. We will also concentrate on the importance of design with web standards and the use of best practices. In addition, we will focus on making appropriate design decisions and understand how these decisions affect a users experience on the Web.


Punctual attendance is mandatory. Excessive absences will affect your grade adversely. Any absences (excused or otherwise) in excess of three may result in an automatic grade drop. More than seven absences will result in a failing grade for the course. Two tardies equal one absence, as do two early departures. Similarly, lack of participation (studying for another class, failing to bring necessary supplies) may constitute an absence.

Prompt and consistent attendance demonstrates professional behavior. In order for you to succeed in this course and to receive the information necessary to complete course assignments, you need to be present and on time for every class. If you miss a class, it is your responsibility to obtain the notes from a willing and responsible classmate before the next class. I may clarify assignment details. However, every attempt must be made to obtain general information from your classmates before discussing the details with me. All work including: sketches, roughs, and research are due on the assigned class date. It is your responsibility to get your work to class even if you cannot be in class personally.


Many of the assignments will have class critiques. Sharing ideas and opinions are integral parts of the critique process. Each of you has an obligation to yourself and to your classmates to attend each class and to share your thoughts. You are expected to give and receive constructive feedback. Class participation is part of your grade. It is important that you attend every class in order to be an active participant.


Assignments are due at the beginning of class. A failure to meet any class deadline will result in a lower project and course grade. Do not skip a class if you do not have your assignment(s) to turn in. Come to class anyway, because class participation is a part of your overall grade. Of course, sometimes there are extenuating circumstances that will cause you to have to turn in an assignment late, like a severe illness or a family death. You must contact me to talk about your situation in order to prevent an automatic lowering of your grade. Proper documentation will be required.

Assignments build upon each other. It is important that each project step is completed and completed on time.


For every class a project step is late, 5 points will be deducted from your assignment grade. Project steps are due at the beginning of class. If you are late to class, the project step(s) due that day are considered late and the appropriate amount of points will be deducted from your grade. Note that often more than one project step is due on the same class. These project steps are counted separately and you will lose 5 points from your assignment for each project step that is late.

Some assignments may be reworked and re-graded. All project steps must be completed and turned in on their deadline in order to be given the option of re-grading.

Course Evaluation

  • 60% Projects
  • 25% Participation
  • 15% Tests

Grade Scale

Most exams and projects will be graded on a standard 100-point scale. Letter grades receive the following numeric equivalents:

  • A 90-100
  • B 80-89
  • C 70-79
  • D 60-69
  • F 0-59
  • A = Extraordinary work. Extra effort. Student’s work goes beyond the assignment. Student pursues concepts and techniques above and beyond the required work for the course.
  • B = Superior work. Some extra effort. Student pursues ideas and suggestions presented in class and complete assignments above the required expectations.
  • C = Required work. Required effort. Student demonstrates their ability to analyze and participate in class using information gained through lectures, reading, and individual study.
  • D = Poor work. Student produced less than the required work for the course. Student simply repeats information given in class mechanically and even that does not demonstration required expectations for the course.
  • F = A failure to complete course expected required work with any effort or care.

Makeup Tests/Presentations

There are none... unless you are deathly ill the day of the exam. Should extenuating circumstances arise, make every effort to notify me by email or call the department of art secretary about your expected absence before class. And be prepared to bring in the necessary documentation to prove your extenuating circumstance.

Technology Policy

The personal use of all electronic devices during class is strictly prohibited. This includes listening to an iPod, talking or text-messaging on a cell phone, checking email on a Blackberry, etc. All such devices must be turned off. Laptops may be allowed, but only when their use is directly relevant to the course, and only with prior approval from the instructor. Failure to comply will result in an absence. Medically necessary electronic devices (such as hearing aids) are exceptions.

Technology Issues

Let’s face it: technology breaks. servers go down, transfers time out, files become corrupt. The list goes on and on. These are not considered emergencies. They are part of the normal production process. An issue you may have with technology is no excuse for late work. You need to protect yourself by managing your time and backing up your work.


This course will use Mozilla Firefox as its primary target browser. All content created for this course should display as you intended in the latest version of Firefox. If content does not display as intended in the latest version of Firefox, your grade will be adversely affected. We will design and develop for 1024x768 screens (important content is kept “above the fold” in an area no greater than 960 pixels wide by 600 pixels high).


We will be using a project management system called Basecamp. This is a tool used by professionals who work in various fields including graphic design and web media. Basecamp will help you keep in touch with your classmates and with me. Updates, assignments, and deadlines/milestones will all take place within Basecamp. This tool will help you understand how professional creative teams maintain communication. It is your responsibility to check Basecamp every day. A tutorial of Basecamp will be given at the beginning of the semester. You will need to provide a current and regularly used email address.


It is illegal and unethical to use someone else’s work without properly crediting the sources, whether online, in print, or other. If you are not sure whether to credit a source, or to quote or paraphrase, or to use original language, please ask me in advance, or err on the side of citing the source you are using. All work for this course must be original artwork or you must have written permission to use the artwork. If you are using someone else’s work in part or in its entirety you must include their written permission when handing in your assignment.


Supplies will be discussed when reviewing individual projects. Some supplies that you will need are listed below:

  • binders
  • blank CDs
  • removable storage

Student Services

If you are a student with a disability (physical or learning) and think that you might need assistance or an academic accommodation in this class, contact the Office for Students with Disabilities.

If you find that personal problems, career indecision, study and time management difficulties, etc. are adversely affecting your successful progress at UTC, contact the Counseling and Career Planning Center.

If you could use the help of a tutor or a workshop to improve your study skills, contact the Student Success Center.

If your prose could benefit from a little one-on-one consulting, contact the Writing Center.


The energy you put into this class and your work will be very beneficial. I am available to help you reach your goals and succeed, but you must put forth the effort. If you have general questions, the best way to reach me is through Basecamp. That way, your fellow classmates can help you if I am not immediately available. If you need to contact me about a personal situation, you can reach me via email.

This syllabus is subject to change.

Make sure to remain updated by visiting Basecamp daily.