Leslie Jensen-Inman

Leslie Jensen-Inman

Leslie Jensen-Inman is Assistant Professor at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga where she teaches a mix of art, design, business, and technology.

Leslie is also president of MORE, a graphic design, marketing, and public relations firm. She is deeply committed to her profession and serves as board member on the Chattanooga Chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, as well as, on the Education Committee for the Association for Visual Arts.

Leslie is an active member of The Web Standards Project Education Task Force (WaSP EduTF) and writes and develops courses and curriculum for the WaSP Curriculum Framework. She is also a member of the World Organization of Webmasters (WOW) Partners in Business and Education Executive Committee.

She has worked as the Graphic Designer for “The Invasion,” a Warner Bros. film starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig, as Creative Director for a small marketing and development firm, and as a Graphic Designer for design firms with in-house print and digital media facilities.

She is an advocate for holistic creative solutions. Her diverse background gives her a unique perspective on teaching career development and professional practices.